Matthew Carroll Atlanta Braves

Wealth Advisor at J.P. Morgan

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Matthew Carroll Atlanta Braves

Matthew Carroll Atlanta Braves has been serving as a Wealth Advisor with J.P. Morgan Wealth Management in Philadelphia since December 2018. With a remarkable track record as a highly successful financial advisor, he attributes his ability to help clients achieve their goals to his extensive experience in the fast-paced realm of sports administration. Carroll's impressive career spans 12 years in management within Major League Baseball, encompassing seven years with the Atlanta Braves and five with the St. Louis Cardinals. Throughout his tenure, he played a pivotal role in various aspects of the business, including player acquisition, roster building, scouting, and relationship management.

During his time in professional sports, Carroll showcased his exceptional talent for establishing and nurturing enduring connections. Additionally, he honed his skills in business development, project management, and financial decision-making. His unwavering attention to detail and outstanding communication skills have been instrumental in his success when working with diverse groups of investors at all levels. Carroll invests the necessary time to understand each client's unique aspirations, enabling him to assist them in developing tailored plans to meet their specific targets.

In his current role, Carroll collaborates closely with high-net-worth clients, devising investment and wealth planning strategies. Leveraging his profound understanding of professional athletes and their families, he guides his athlete clients through every step of their wealth-building journey, commencing from the recruitment phase. Moreover, Carroll extends his support beyond the sports arena, providing custom concierge services that facilitate valuable partnerships with agencies, coaches, and training facilities. He maintains a vigilant oversight of clients' long and short-term investments, ensuring they remain on course with their personalized financial plans.

While Carroll's background may deviate from the conventional path of financial advisors, his interactions with elite-level professional athletes seamlessly translate into his work with executives across various industries. He comprehends the pressing sense of urgency that athletes experience, aware that injuries can prematurely curtail a career. Similarly, executives at the pinnacle of their earning potential face analogous pressures when confronted with the capricious nature of the stock market and corporate boards. Whether it entails balancing assets and liabilities, preparing for retirement, or transferring wealth to future generations, Carroll possesses the expertise to help clients achieve these critical objectives.